Geospatial Analysis of Market Activity in Response to Transit Development of Bangkok

This project investigates the area with higher market activity and conduct an in-depth analysis of the project development in those areas as well as validating if it corresponds to expected pattern of having an inverse relationship between price and distance to the train station.

Resume Searcher on Cloud Platform

The motivation was to apply text search to resumes on a live cloud platform in order to determine a candidate according to certain job qualifications. I’m using Heroku as the cloud platform and Flask as a Python Web Application Framework. I encourage you to visit the Live Application

Listing search tool on leaflet NodeJS web application to query assets in proximity of train station

An application of big data databases. The concept is to develop a tool that allow users to search apartments and condominiums within a specific distance from the train station. As we all know, in a highly dense area or the central business district, the location, and to be more specific, the distance to the public transportation is a major factor in purchasing or renting a condominium