Curriculum Vitae

Siravich Khongrod

Full-stack Data Scientist
+1 312 770 0382
A data savvy engineer who innovates in analytics. My values are that not only the powers of data analytics can allow human to draw insights from data but also that the inside out understanding of technology can bring out the most capability of the technology that would help making better data driven solutions. My double background facilitates myself to explore the hidden gems in data and elaborate them through stories annotated by efficient visualizations.

Key Skills

Buisness Intelligence
Geospatial Analytics
ArcGIS, Python, R, SAS, SPSS, WEKA
Business Intelligence
Oracle Data Integrator, SSIS, SSRS, Tableau
Hadoop, Hive, Pig, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, Vertica
AWS, Heroko Cloud, Github

How I spend my time

Institute for Housing Studies
Research and Data Analyst
Applying data science and spatial analytics to support research projects to exploit underlying patterns for Real Estate Developers and Community Development Policy Makers

Agoda Headquarters
Business Intelligence Specialist

Worked closely with infrastructure, front-end teams as well as business analysts in payment systems, finance, and business development departments, developed solutions of cross platform data transformation and BI tools to enhance business decisions.

Utilize big data to deliver meaningful information that adds business value. I develop data models of large data processing that would allow business users to get insights from data using MOLAP cube technology. I also work closely with finance to produce global reports such as general ledger, profit and loss.

Business and System Integration Analyst

Data Migration in Core Banking: Take major role in data migration execution through datacut cycles for data quality assurance handling. This involved configuration and optimization of reduntdant data store system, defect data models, coordination with infrastructure team, and progress tracking. In addition, perform data analysis based on functional requirements for data cleansing and work with Business Unit for exception handling

Enterprise Data Warehouse for Thailand Banking Group in Life Insurance Service: Assigned role covers functional and technical having responsibilities of data initialization, data extraction and framework development. The role also includes design, build, monitor, and optimize batch data extraction scheduling system.

National Research Council of Thailand
Research Associate

Application Developer for Writeprint Pattern Matching Project: Design and develop Java Application to demonstrate use of Apriori frequent item set mining algorithm to find association of numerical representation of stylometric characteristics of a written text. This project derived from the first phase, Authorship Attribution Analysis of Thai Online Messages which is the initial process of feature extraction.

An evaluation of writeprint matching method to identify the authors of Thai online messagess
Marukatat, Rangsipan & Khongrod, Siravich. (2015) 1-5. 10.1109/SNPD.2015.7176200.
This research studies the author identification of Thai online messages, based on 54 writing attributes. The method in focus is writeprint matching, which employs frequent pattern mining to create the writeprint of each suspect and computes a similarity score between this writeprint and the pattern found in an anonymous message.

Decentralized Supervision and Control System for Home Automation

Many home automation systems today rely on a single supervision or central control system which links to all the sensors and control units. Apart from having users have to invest a large amount of money for such system, the system has to be initially implemented or re-implemented with subject to changes by specialists. Moreover, there are certain limitations to hardware capabilities such as computational power, number of interface, physical hardware reachability.

This project proposes a different approach for such system having many units of low computational power control system as nodes distributed across a networked system.

Geospatial Analysis of Market Activity in Response to Transit Development of Bangkok
This project investigates the area with higher market activity and conduct an in-depth analysis of the project development in those areas as well as validating if it corresponds to expected pattern of having an inverse relationship between price and distance to the train station.

Resume Searcher on Cloud Platform

The motivation was to apply text search to resumes on a live cloud platform in order to determine a candidate according to certain job qualifications. I’m using Heroku as the cloud platform and Flask as a Python Web Application Framework.

Listing search tool on Leaflet NodeJS Web Application to Query Assets in Proximity of Train Station (GeoJSON and MongoDB)
An application of big data databases. The concept is to develop a tool that allow users to search apartments and condominiums within a specific distance from the train station. As we all know, in a highly dense area or the central business district, the location, and to be more specific, the distance to the public transportation is a major factor in purchasing or renting a condominium.