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First, I would like to thank you our DePaul graduates who have contributed content that are a valuable addition to blog. The goal of this page is to provide a content-rich portal for current and prospect student as well as Chicago residents. As we all know, the Thai community is growing in Chicago so do as the number of student at DePaul. I extend an invitation for you to contribute to our community. Any DePaul student or alumni can sign up to appear on this page.

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As a founder of this website and our Facebook group, I authored most of the written content. I love to innovate and build data driven solution that can be implement in the real world. My blogs are related to what I've studied at DePaul which I hope to be good materials for all visitors.

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Naphat Sangsab

Content Provider

Big thanks to numerous video content of life in Chicago. Khanoon (Thai name) is experienced in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry. Specialized in sales estimation and stock management, marketing communication plan, and social media.

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Fern Visutvattanasak

Content Provider

Fern was the major person who connected Thai students as she was part of the organizers at our orientation where I met her and got connected to Thai comminity. Fern is a hybrid marketer who found that marketing is at the heart of the business as most aspects of the business depend on successful marketing

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Blogs for DePaul Students and Chicago Residents

  • Planning your Midwest Ski Trip from Chicago

    Winter is near as people starts to plan their ski trip to enjoy the snow. Many student have their winter break run out of things to do despite the cold weather. Some of my friends at DePaul University wanted to try skiing and snowboarding but don't know where to start for planning a trip. As a winter enthusiast, I give a quick guide to plan your ski trip from Chicago.

  • Free DePaul Software you might not be aware of

    DePaul is very generous to provide us with free software and other online services such as email and storage. However, there is a lot more software and other perks that are exclusively offered for students. But first, let’s look at the ones that are offered by DePaul.

  • Free iCloud Backup Alternative for Apple Devices

    Here is how you can use your free DePaul student email as a iCloud alternative for backing up your photo with original image quality.

  • Figuring out Study Plan with Web Scrapping

    A neat way, using Python programming, to decide which subjects should be prioritized based on prerequisites.