Siravich Khongrod

The Hacker Who Hustle

From the field of space-time-relativity, some believe that the higher dimensions might be out of bounds. I believe we are living in the third dimension as spatial position while having time. Given such many dimensions we struggle to visualize these data. This was why I have chosen my specialization as time series and geospatial analysis.

Envisioning the future, I believe that these are the essential skills that would suffice my career path. Over the past years I have shaped myself to become more fully equipted with analytic skills that allow me to further strive to the management role directly involved with the Data Analytics.

Storytelling, was the one that I pin essence and put my best effort. I demonstrate this skill by ellaborating through the projects I have developed over the past years. The art of conveying complex ideas would connect my world of analytics to the ecosystem of business networks leading to the future of technology.


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